Income Garnishment by the CRA

In case you are confronted with a Garnishment notice against your income or your bank, Tax SOS can negotiate with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf and can persuade them to release the income Garnishment. You could call us over (877)982-9767 today or complete the Free Consultation Form to enable us to evaluate the urgent tax problem of yours.

Demand for tax liability payment is sent to tax payers before the issuance of an income Garnishment. If this demand for payment is not met by the tax payers, provincial agencies for tax collection or the CRA could issue Garnishment of income.

Wage Garnishment is the document issued to an employer with regard to an employee. This written notice is to order an employer to withhold certain percentage of the wage or the salary of the tax payer. Such notice issued by the CRA asking to withhold a portion of a salary or wage of a tax payer, has to be carried out by any employer. Non compliance could incur penalties in addition to other liabilities.

Self employed taxpayers could face garnishment of their receivables on business accounts by the CRA.

Those who receive social benefits or tax credits face withholding of portions of those payments.

Contact us today at (877) 982-9767 or (416)623-9234 and avoid getting your wages, social benefits and accounts receivables from being garnished. Also you could fill our Consultation Form for an evaluation of your problem free of charge. Rest assured, the confidentiality of your documents will be preserved.

Garnishment of wage by the CRA could compel families to live with less than the minimum amount required to live.

CRA will resort to wage garnishment after all attempts to collect your past taxes fail. Therefore, they will not stop unless you take actions. Tax SOS is able to reduce wage Garnishment by the CRA or prevent it.

You just need to give us a call and we will take care of the rest for you! You have help at hand! Call us at (877)982-9767 or (416)623-9234.  Also you could fill our Contact Form before CRA takes action. They will take a part of your pay and make things worse for you until you negotiate a payment plan with them.

We are aware that this is going to land you in financial difficulty given the present climate. Contact us and we will stop your garnishment of wage quicker than you imagine.

Back Taxes and Wage Garnishment

To levy wages is one of the most unpleasant methods followed by CRA to collect back taxes. This could create you a lot of social and financial problems. Since they are taking money from your pay check, they probably have even filed tax lien.

The Way to Stop CRA Wage Garnishment

There is nothing employers could do when the CRA serves them with notices of wage garnishment. Their payroll departments couldn’t help either. When CRA is able to levy your salary, they will take the better part and will leave you only little. Also they will continue until you have settled all your debts, unless you take action.

Tax SOS is able to negotiate and get you released form the wage levy even if you have not kept to earlier plans for payment agreed upon with CRA. We also help you to file your back taxes if that is the root cause of your tax crisis.

Don’t let CRA take your money. Call Tax SOS and let us help you set up a reasonable plan for payment to settle CRA debt. Call (877) 982-9767 or (416)623-9234 or complete the Contact Form and get real tax help.

When CRA Garnishees your wage, if there is no action from you, CRA also could do the following:

  • Your bank account could be levied.
  • Your credit be will ruined
  • House could be seized
  • Your tax refunds could be held

The only remedy is to call us today at (877)982-9767 or (416)623-9234 or complete the Contact Form and get your FREE confidential consultation!

Saving pay check from Garnishment by CRA

If you failed to file tax returns or owe money to CRA they will come after you. If your wage is going to be garnished it will be serious. When they are ready to do it or enforce levies or liens we could get the relief you need.

Why CRA wants to garnish income?

When you have tax debt, CRA could put garnishment on your income but there are strict regulations for them to follow.

In case CRA has informed you repeatedly to pay your tax debts and you have not responded to their demands, they could take a number of harsh actions. They could garnish your wages and payments of social benefits. They could issue tax liens on your home, try to levy your bank account, seize your business receivables and inform your customers about your debts.

How to identify if you are in for wage Garnishment

If you don’t settle your tax problems, fail to file tax returns and don’t communicate with CRA, you are in danger. You must act before the notice comes.

Before garnishing your income CRA will send you notices but the best time to act is before they come.

The reason why you need to act before the notices are received is because shortly after they will issue order for income garnishment.

If CRA notice for Levy was received by you along with their notice that you have a right for a hearing they have already issued the garnishment order and they will go on with it. Still we can help you.

What Amount CRA Could Take?

If your wage garnishment is effective now, no one could help. When you regain compliance, file delinquent returns of tax, remitted federal tax payment then CRA will negotiate on your levy. Now it is difficult to get what CRA has taken. But Tax SOS could negotiate an affordable plan for you. Also we will try to regain the compliance for you.

If the possibilities of paying off the debts are bleak, then we can help you to negotiate a Taxpayer Relief. Tax SOS is able to provide this service to those who are qualified for Taxpayer Relief program, which we give more details in Taxpayer Relief page.

Are you ready for a solution to your tax crisis? Call Tax SOS now at (877) 982-9767 or (416)623-9234 or complete the Contact Form and get your FREE Confidential consultation.

The Keys to Choose Tax Service Providers

For people with difficult tax crises, it is the most important factor that the service providers are professional and experienced.  The next important factor is the costs. The costs need to be reasonable and affordable. After all, what is the use if you can not afford to get problems fixed.

Armed with complex Canadian tax system knowledge and battlefield experiences with tax agencies of all levels throughout those years, Tax SOS’s tax team has helped many clients with tax problems just like your to get satisfactory resolutions.  Go to see for yourself what these happy clients are saying about their experiences in their testimonials.

Tax SOS is a firm with integrity. What is important to us is that at end of the day, we can sleep tight knowing that we have put clients’ best interests before the business revenue.  Clients’ Best Interests First is the mentality for Tax SOS and all of our associates.

Free Consultation & Guarantee

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